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Important Information
  • Please be sure to read and accept the purpose of collecting personal information in [ANA Privacy PolicyOpen in new window.] before proceeding.
User Hints
  • Information for passengers who made a award reservation until 11 April, 2015
    Some reservations may not be found from AMC number. Please search by 'Reservation No./Ticket No.'.
    Information for passengers who made a reservation at the travel agency
    For details regarding the reservation, please contact the travel agency where you made the reservation. The ANA's reservation number may be different from the number issued by your travel agency. If you cannot confirm your reservation, please contact your travel agency.
  • Passengers requesting a receipt
    Please enter the required information on this screen, and proceed to the [Reservation Details] screen.
    If you have purchased your ticket other than through ANA such as a travel agency, please contact the issuing agency (ANA cannot issue a receipt).
    Other conditions may apply. For more details, click hereOpen in new window..
  • Since December 4, 2014, we are requesting customers to use a Web password for log-in to enhance security.
    If you haven't already obtained your Web password, please do so hereOpen in new window..

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