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Important Information
  • Please be sure to read and accept the purpose of collecting personal information in [ANA Privacy PolicyOpen in new window.] before proceeding.
  • Flights departing from/arriving to Japan as a code-share flight operated by another airline are not eligible for Online Check-in.
User Hints
  • It is available from 24 hours until 75 minutes prior to the departure time of the ANA operated international flight.
  • When connecting from an ANA Group operated international flight to a Japan domestic flight on the same day, Online Check-in is available for both flights 24 hours prior to the departure time of the international flight.You can also use Online Check-in when connecting to a route operated by another carrier for which check-in is accepted. Please note, however, that you may not be able to complete the check-in process due to check-in time or other restrictions.
  • Passengers with a Flight Awards reservation
    If the reservation is for family members only and does not include the card member whose card was used to redeem the Awards, search for the reservation based on the reservation number or the e-Ticket number.
  • Passengers with a reservation made by a travel agency
    The reservation number may be different from ANA's reservation number. To search a reservation by number and name, please contact the travel agency where you made your reservation.
  • For Online Check-in Q&A, click hereOpen in new window..
  • Since December 4, 2014, we are requesting customers to use a Web password for log-in to enhance security.
    If you haven't already obtained your Web password, please do so hereOpen in new window..

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